RRRD058 progress update

November 2012

Science Summary:

-    Diatoms and stream invertebrates were sampled from 12 sites where pesticides are currently monitored by Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management. An additional three reference sites were also sampled. The diatoms and invertebrate samples have been processes and identified.

-    A list of macroinvertebrate taxa found in catchments draining onto the Great Barrier Reef has been compiled and relevant trait information on these taxa reviewed.

-    An experiment was conducted in north Queensland testing the relatively sensitivity of diatoms from two sites (one reference & the other with a history of herbicide contamination) to Atrazine and 2-4D. New methods of collecting diatoms for analysis was developed. This method has now be used successfully used and produced relative sensitivity data which is consistently giving a relative ranking of diatom taxa to herbicides. Processing of samples from this experiment is ongoing.

Progress Update:

-    Successfully conduct and process large toxicity test considering 8 herbicides.

-    Conduct and process toxicity tests considering the effect of light levels and nutrient levels on relative toxicity.

-    Activities and submission of milestone are progressing well.

-    Project members from the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and Arts (DSITIA) has completed the processing and data entry of the stream macroinvertebrates samples from the 1st and 2nd field samplings, the data has been entered and provided to Kefford. The 3rd sampling of invertebrates and diatoms was completed in September 2012 before the 2012/13 wet season.

-    Workshop held in Brisbane for invertebrate traits.

-    Attended and presented at the SETAC-AU conference, conference presentation submitted for ASL meeting.

-    Submission of the draft Yearly Progress Report and final Yearly Progress Report and yearly financial report.