RRRD010 Progress Updates

November 2012

Science Summary:

-  The project has prepared a literature review that identified and characterised the factors that influence management practice adoption – such as land use practices that can be characterised by personality, education level and degree of motivation of farmers (Objective 1). Characteristics of management practices involved with land preparation, crop growing and harvesting vary over climatic zone, such as wet and dry tropics, as well as within regions depending on the land contour, soil type and traditional practices.

-  Identification of the key factors affecting adoption of management practices and development of a tool to use that information are underway with farmer interviews to explore farming characteristics and factors that limit ability to manage properties according to the management practices that have water quality benefits in cane farming. A total of 17 stakeholder interviews and 116 farmer interviews (51 from Bundaberg and 65 from Mackay) have been conducted, and descriptive statistical analysis is underway.

-  Preliminary results show factors – socio-demographic, cultural and economic – that influence farmer choices to adopt management practices with water quality benefits, and current uptake of practices.

Progress Update:

-  The literature review is complete (Objective 1) and stakeholders are currently reviewing the document to provide feedback.

-  Delays in receiving ethics approval for the farmer surveys have affected delivery of Objectives 2 & 3 that are slightly behind and a focused effort to complete surveys should catch up by the next reporting cycle.