RRRD011 Progress Updates

November 2012

Science Summary:

-  The project has collated over 130 sites of data for runoff and water quality relating to paddock and catchment investigations. Study sites have been comprehensively reviewed using a hierarchical data structure. All of the sites have been entered into a database that identifies key characteristics of the data. Half the sites have been published to the HOWLEAKY? web portal that can be interrogated, and the project website has links to the raw data in DARTS.

-  Key sites – that include cropping, pasture and horticulture land uses and a variety of management practices – have been modelled for runoff and soil loss.

-  Case studies have been generated that contain files that describe time series of observed climate, runoff and soil loss. The modelling process has resulted in the development of best-bet HOWLEAKY? soil and vegetation parameters).

-  HOWLEAKY? parameter files have been developed for select land use studies/sites.

-  This extensive data set has not been uploaded to DARTS. At this stage DARTS is immature technology, which cannot accommodate the needs of this project (e.g. attaching key documents).

Progress Update:

-  Due to the unexpected number of previous studies concerning water quality at the paddock scale, final milestone submission was extended. It is expected that final milestone will be delivered by the end of December 2012.


Conference Papers:

Freebairn DM, Cutajar J, Silburn M. (2012). Assessing water quality from farms – how much detail is required for a model to be useful?

Robinson BJ, Shaw M, Chamberlain T, Searle R, Freebairn D. (2012). A quantitative and functional soil classification for modelling the terrestrial water balance of north-eastern Australia.